Rev Brian Oswald

Colors And Shapes Inspire Me...

Much of my art is based on my experience as a missionary priest living and working abroad. I was in India for 6 years, so my recent art has been themed on Indian scenes. Now that I am based in the UK, the focus has shifted once again, this time to scenes in this country. My medium has also changed from pastels and acrylics to watercolour. I hope you enjoy what you see!

Past Art Exhibitions

Last year, I held a successful joint art exhibition with Maria Meerstadt, my art teacher. It was held in St Elizabeth’s Church, Cookham. This year, we held a similar exhibition in the same place but at a different dates: 26th and the 27th June, 2021. There were three of us exhibiting: Maria Meerstadt, Caroline Gatfield (a ceramicist) and myself.

Though the number of visitors to the exhibition was relatively small, I managed to sell 13 of my paintings, including 3 stations of the Cross -you will find these in the Religious Paintings category. We also managed to raise 1,200 pounds sterling for the charity below.

Nearly all of the art works you see in my gallery were for sale at this exhibition, with at least 40% of the proceeds from the sale of my works going towards a charity called Open House. This charity works out of Our Lady of Mercy Parish Church, Sunderland and is focused on reaching out to the homeless.  The Mill Hill Missionaries recently took over the running of this inner city parish.

As normal life resumes, even in spite of the pandemic, I have increasingly less time to paint. It is therefore pretty obvious that my output in art work has dramatically decreased in the past few months. A real pity, as the one of the things I would really like to do, I cannot find much time to do!

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