I started painting 15 years ago. It became something of a passion. But my main work or ministry is priesthood. In the past number of years, one of my principal challenges has been the following one:  how do I integrate these two areas? One way I have found is to paint religious art, or specifically Christian art. These are ways of giving expression to my spirituality.
I have also found that there is a huge vacuum in this particular field of art. Go to any local art exhibition and very rarely will you see any specifically Christian art. Most art teachers will very rarely set projects that have a religious theme. However, Anglican churches tend to be way ahead of Catholic churches in this country of using sacred space to highlight artists and their art.
I am sure that there are some artists out there who specialize in the field of religious or Christian art, but they tend to be limited in number. My art attempts to enter into this field and to paint other subjects that are connected to my life and ministry in India and currently in the UK.